Cybers are units in Empire Earth. They are produced at the Cyber Factory and Cyber Laboratory. These Cybers fall into two categories: Combat Cyber and Ultra Cyber. Combat Cybers cost Food and Gold, while Ultra Cybers cost Food and Iron. Combat Cybers are produced at the Cyber Factory and Ultra Cybers are produced at the Cyber Laboratory. All Cybers take 2 pop cap. They are created for specific missions, for example Pandora's anti infantry, Minotaur's anti tank, and Zeus's anti Cyber and AT Guns. Ultra Cybers are created as secondary or support Cyber units, for example Apollo's healing ability of other Cybers, Furies' self destruct, Tempest's and Hades's Cyber tech power, and Poseidon's conversion. Combat Cybers are excel against their tasked preferences unit, but they are more vulnerable against other type military unit that they aren't designed to counter, except Hyperions and Ares. Pandora beats Infantry but are no match against Tanks, while Minotaur is more effective in killing Tanks but vulnerable against infantry. Zeus are most effective in overpower other Cybers and At Guns, but can be beaten by both Tank and Infantry.

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