"The Teutonic Order was founded in the late 12th century in Palestine, during the Third Crusade. In the early 13th century, the Order was recalled to Europe. The Holy Roman Emperor dispatched the knights to convert the heathen ' Eastern Babarians' which would also conveniently allow him to absorb the lands of Poland into the Empire. The Order brought law, order and Christianity to the region.

This task was easier said than done, as the Prussians organized themselves to resist the invaders.

The Livonian Knights could prove to be useful allies, if you can convience them to join you. You must lead the Teuctonic Order in the subjugation of the region." - Description 

Crusade in Prussia is the first scenario of German Campaign in Empire Earth II . The scenario follow the history of Teuctonic Order invade to Prussian. 



The early map

You will start with Hermann Bank as a hero, 20 Teuctonic Knights and a scout. Use the scout to explore first, he probably will meet Prussian's troops and can be easily killed. Bring the other units to destroy the temple at Thorn shows at the map. There's only a few army guarding this area which can be defeated by your Knights at once. TBA

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy the heathen temple at Thorn
  • Build a Commandery at Thorn - Build a City Center, Fortress, Barracks , and a Temple in Thorn. Immigrants will arriving to use for construct the base.
  • Convert 5 Livonian Knights - Convert 5 Livonian Knights in order to force their allegiance.
  • Defeat the Ceribasi (Babarian)'s leader
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