A civilization is one of the game features in Empire Earth. It provides bonuses to the player, as they play the game, and can help sculpt the way the player wins the game.

In Empire Earth I Edit

In Empire Earth I, there are 21 civilizations, with Japan and Korea added in Art of Conquest. Each one not only has its own bonuses, but also a specific set of epochs in which it is more powerful, and (in Art of Conquest) its own unique unit, building or ability.

Prehistoric Age to Dark Age

Middle Age to Industrial Age

Atomic Age to Nano Age

Digital Age to Nano Age

' = Art of Conquest only

In Empire Earth IIEdit

In Empire Earth II, there are 14 civilizations in the game, plus 4 more civilizations in the expansion pack, for a total of 18 civilizations. Each civilization belongs to a determinated continental group and has 3 unique units, one per civilization every 5 epochs (of the 15 in the game).

(*) = Art of Supremacy only

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