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Flag of China.

The People's Republic of China was one of the original civilizations of Empire Earth and Empire Earth II.

Game description Edit

With more than four millennia of history behind her, modern China began to emerge with the Revolution of 1949. By the end of the 20th Century, China was poised to take its place as one of the greatest powers the world had ever known.

The strength of China lay in her people. As the most populous country on earth, it was only a matter directing and focusing that resource to achieve spectacular results. In 1949, China was largely and agrarian society, but modernization came relatively quickly for a country of China’s size. China tested its first nuclear weapon in 1964. Beginning in the 1990s – especially with the return of Hong Kong to China by Great Britain in 1997 – high-tech industries began to spring up at a rapid pace. By the 2020s, China’s overall level of technology had met or exceeded those of most Western nations. With the exception of some rural regions in western China, the country was as modern as any in the world.

The transition to a Cyber-based military began in the mid 21st Century. In addition to having the world’s largest standing army in terms of human combatants, the availability and continued improvement of Cyber forces kept China’s military among the most-modern in the world. As a result, China was well prepared to deal with any threat that came its way.

China in the Campaigns of Empire Earth I and IIEdit

  • In the Russian Campaign level '' Jewel in the East '' in Empire Earth I, China is invaded by Novaya Russia, and it's mayor Sergei Molotov. During the invasion chinese scientists built a time machine to stop the regime of Novaya Russia and thus the war. But eventually Sergei Molotov destroyed the time machine (which he drew himself in compassionate society) and defeated China, so China becamed a part of the giant state of Novaya Russia in 2092.
  • In the Korean Campaign of Empire Earth II the Chinese are one of the enemys of the player, thats because China tried a couple of times to conquer Korea.
  • China in Art of Conquest is U.F.A.R(United Federation Asian Republic)
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