Changing Of The Guard

Changing of the Guard is the third scenario of the Russian Campaign in Empire Earth.

Briefing Edit

Changing of the Guard: 2064

Years have passed and Grigor has grown old. He is in command of a strong, unified Russia. He has conquered most of Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. His empire ranks as one of the largest the world has ever known. But, despite his accomplishments, his life's work remains unfinished. He wants more, but knows he won't have time to obtain it.

Grigor had hoped to pass his legacy on to an heir, but, despite utilizing the most advanced medical techniques available, that goal has eluded him. Now, with time growing short and his mistrust of others growing stronger, he has made a decision that he knows some will view with scepticism. But it may also serve to root out the very people he mistrusts.

Just before his foray into Eastern and Central Europe, Grigor was presented with a mechanical bodyguard. Since then, the field of Artificial Intelligence matured to a point where sentience because possible. Dr. Septimus, the machine's creator, updated it with the latest AI technology, bestowing upon it true consciousness. He additionally set up facilities to produce other types, but Grigor's bodyguard was his greatest single achievement.

The aging leader of Novaya Russia eventually came to regard it as his successor, naming "him" Grigor II. After spending many months preparing him, Grigor was ready to announce his heir to his people.

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