Catapult Ship - Bronze
Unit Information
Epoch: Bronze Age to Middle Age
Trained at: Dock
Type: Ships
HP: 765
Attack: 85
Armor: N/A
Speed: 10
Range: 7
Cost: 250 Wood, 250 Gold
Pop count: 1
Build time: -
Upgrades to: Catapult Ship - Decereme

The Catapult Ship - Bronze is a ship unavailable during the Random Map mode in Empire Earth. This unit combines a Ship and a Catapult, so it is effective against Frigates, Galleys, Battleships, Walls and Towers but is vulnerable to Towers and War Machines. The disadvantage of the Catapult Ship is his low rate of fire (lower than the Battleship), but in large number, they can be very effective.

In the Campaign, the Catapult Ship is only available in the Greek Campaign's A Conqueror is born scenario.

During the Editor mode, the Catapult Ship - Bronze can be upgraded during the Middle Age if the upgrade technology of this unit is enabled from the tech list.

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