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Ancient Carthage (in-game Carthage) was one of the original civilizations available for Empire Earth.

Game description Edit

According to traditional accounts, Phoenicians from the city-state of Tyre founded the city of Carthage in 814 BC, though evidence suggests it may actually have been later than that. The name Carthage literally means “new town.” In time, the simple colony grew to become a major center of commerce and a Mediterranean power.

The events that best serve to define Carthage’s place in history are those of the Punic Wars, fought periodically against Rome in the 3rd and 2nd Centuries BC. The Carthaginians, owing to their Phoenecian roots, had a strong maritime tradition and an excellent navy. This held them in good stead during the First Punic War, which was largely fought over control of the island of Sicily.

The Second Punic War erupted over land disputes in Spain. The Carthaginian forces, under the masterful leadership of Hannibal, marched over the Alps and into Italy itself. Hannibal and his army had many victories and came very close to defeating Rome, but attrition and lack of supplies eventually halted his campaign. After 15 years in Italy, Hannibal was recalled to Carthage to defend against a Roman invasion. He was defeated at the Battle of Zama (202 BC) and Carthage was forced to surrender. Carthage attempted to revive herself in the middle of the 2nd Century BC, but Rome, fearful of a strong Carthage, destroyed the city in the Third and final Punic War. A century later, the city was rebuilt as a Roman colony.

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