Here is some cheat for anyone, for fun, for victory.

Empire EarthEdit

  • my name is methos All Resources plus toggle see all map without fog of war
  • all your base are belong to us 100,000 of each resource
  • atm 1000 Gold
  • you said wood 1000 Wood
  • rock&roll 1000 Rock
  • creatine 1000 Iron
  • boston food sucks 1000 Food
  • asus drivers Reveals Map
  • somebody set up us the bomb Wins Game
  • ahhhcool Lose Game
  • headshot Remove Objects From Map
  • brainstorm Instant building and train/create
  • i have the power Restore energy to mechs/robots
  • friendly skies Planes refuel in the air
  • bam Show entire map and remove FOW
  • the big dig No resources
  • columbus See fish and animals
  • the quotable patella Level 10 upgrade for all units
  • boston rent Lose all Gold
  • uh, smoke? Lose all Wood
  • slimfast Lose all Food
  • girlyman Lose all Iron
  • mine your own business Lose all Rock
  • coffee train All Units Full Health

Empire Earth: The Art of ConquestEdit

Just like Empire Earth cheats but some has change & some new.

bam # (2-15)-Set Age to desired number e.g. bam 15 for space age.

Empire Earth 2Edit

  • icheat-Enable Cheats
  • Win-Win current scenario
  • Reinforcements-Gives an additional 100 troops
  • play god-God Mode on\off (Your Units and Building should take no damage)
  • give tech-Add 50 technology points epoch up Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements
  • sea monkeys-Toggle instant build on\off
  • toggle fog-Toggle the fog of war on\off
  • recharge me-Instant recharge power for selected unit
  • convert-Convert selected unit
  • punish-Inflict 20 points of damage on selected unit
  • taxes-Subtract 100 of each resource
  • idontcheat-Disables all Cheat Codes
  • Loot-Add 10,000 of each resource

Empire Earth 3Edit

Cheat List

To insert the cheats (listed on the left), press enter during gameplay. This will bring up a console that you can then type the cheats into for the desired result.

  • cheat - Enable ability to cheat
  • convert - Convert unit selected
  • era up - Go to next epoch
  • give tech - Plus 50 points to Tech
  • idontcheat - Disable any active cheat
  • loot - Gain an additional 10,000 gold
  • max pop - Change the capacity of population
  • play god - Units and structures can't be destroyed
  • punish - Unit selected loses twenty HP
  • recharge me - Unit selected regains all power
  • super cheat - Turn off Fog of War, gain lots of gold, building and population bonuses
  • taxes - Minus 100 to resources
  • toggle fog - Turn Fog of War on or off
  • win - Automatically win any scenario

Trivia The cheats "All your base are belong to us" and "somebody set us up the bomb are references to the engrish in the 1991 arcade game, "Zero Wing".

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