CENTRI, or Cybernetic Enhanced Trained Infantry, is a weapon project.

Originally started by General Blackworth, the United States government cut its funding to worry about internal affairs. Disillusioned and fearing America will be attacked by terrorists, Blackworth had taken matters into his own hands. With Delta Corporation, a defence system corporation, as his new source of funds, he illegally continued the CENTRI project, and built a mighty half-flesh, half-machine army called HERC in which to challenge the US Government.

After his defeat in Washington, most stuffs from CENTRI was saved by Blackworth and his colleagues. He hid himself in Amazon to continue developing CENTRI. With use of drugs, he got himself a totally loyal workforce. Some of them are implanted to become HERCs. However, the project was discovered by efforts of both US and Brazilian Government, and was destroyed along with the plan of a nuclear holocaust also by Blackworth.

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