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by Pino44io

Black Robes are a infantry unit that appear in Empire Earth's Russian Campaign. Created by Grigor Stoyanovich, as a secret police and personal army when he took control of Russia, they were rarely absent from his side.

Loyal only to Grigor, at the end of his life they helped him to eliminate traitorous conspirators plotting a coup against him, displeased they were overlooked by a distrustful Grigor in favor of a robot successor, Grigor II.

After the coup was foiled and Grigor succumbed to his old age, the Black Robes served their new master as faithfully as they did the first.

They are the iconic soldiers of Novaya Russia.

Trivia Edit

  1. They are the counterpart of the Sentinels.
  2. In Art Of Conquest they appear in the Asian Campaign.
  3. Although the black robes are counterparts of the sentinels, they actually share the same stats with the Guardians.

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