Unit Information
Epoch: Medival
Trained at: Barrack
Type: Hero
Attack type: Melee
HP: 1400
Attack: 43
Speed: 18
Range: 1
Cost: 750 Raw Material

750 Wealth

Pop count: 5
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: N/A


It's a unique units of Western in Empire Earth 3. A heroic yet brutal infantryman with a melee attack. He can go berserk, causing himself & nearby friendly infantry & cavalry to attack relentlessly. This melee hero does great damage himself, but his real power is inspiring rage in those around him. For a brief while, units automatically attack the nearest enemy, inflicting and receiving double damage the entire time. And he cannot be converted. Note: You lose control of the affected units while they go berserk! This unit need to be purchaused for 500 Wealth in order to be created.


Berserker (Medival) - A Super Melee Hero that deals a heavy damage and has lots of hit points.

  • Role: Hero
  • Strong vs.:
  • Weak vs.:


- None.


Berserk - Causes the heroes & nearby friendly units to enter a savage frenzy of controllable attacks, both giving & taking more damage.

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