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Babylon was one of the civilizations available for Empire Earth.

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The greatest king of the first Babylonian dynasty was Hammurabi, who ruled from 1792 to 1750 BC. Hammurabi conquered southern Mesopotamia, including the city of Uruk, and part of Assyria. The famous Code of Hammurabi is among the earliest written collections of laws and was the most comprehensive and balanced of its day. Weaker kings after Hammurabi resulted in the decline of the first dynasty, which culminated in the sack of Babylon in 1595 BC by the Hittites.

The Kassites next came to power and their dynasty brought almost 500 years of prosperity to the region. Power struggles with the Assyrians and the Elamites erupted during the late 13th and 12th Centuries BC. King Nebuchadrezzar I defeated the Elamites in the late 12th Century BC, but the Assyrians finally absorbed Babylonia into their empire in the 9th Century BC.

The Babylonian civilization underwent a resurgence when the Chaldeans took over after the collapse of the Assyrian Empire in the 7th Century BC. Nebuchadrezzar II, who reigned for over 40 years until his death in 561 BC, conquered Syria and all of Palestine, and sacked the city of Jerusalem. He also embarked on a great building campaign in Babylon and is credited with the construction of the Tower of Babel, numerous fortifications including the impressive Ishtar Gate, and the fabled Hanging Gardens.

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