Unit Information
Epoch: Atomic-Modern
Trained at: Airport
Type: Atomic Aircraft
Attack type: Drop Bomb
HP: 950
Attack: 2800
Speed: 19
Range: 35
Cost: 700 Gold, 700 Iron
Pop count: 1
Upgrades from: B-29 Bomber
Upgrades to: Titan Bomber

The B-52 Bomber is an upgraded version of the B-29 Bomber. It is an atomic bomber, the B-52 Bomber can drop a nuclear bomb on a building, ground units and sea units. The B-52 Bomber has to return to the Airport after it drops the bomb. The nuclear explosion is very dangerous due to it being an instant-kill for any units that are in the blast radius (including the Heroes) except some ships and cybers if their HP are upgraded. However, its low speed and HP lower than normal bombers make it enough vulnerable against others aircrafts, especially the fighters such as the F-15 or the Jackal, recommending to have an escort anti-aerial.


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