B-2 Bomber
Unit Information
Trained at: Airport
Attack type: Bomber
HP: 1400
Armor: None
Speed: 20
Range: 15 (Blast Radius)
Cost: 200 Gold, 200 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 90 Seconds
Upgrades from: B-17 Bomber
Upgrades to: B-122 Wyvern Bomber

The B-2 Bomber is a Bomber-Type Aircraft available in the Atomic Age-Modern. It is an upgrade of the B-17 Bomber used in the Atomic-WWII. Instead of dropping one bomb like its Nuclear Bombing counterpart, the B-52 Atomic Bomber or shooting Laser Guided Missiles like the F-117 Nighthawk/F-14 Tomcat aircraft, it drops 5 Bombs which can be very useful against buildings (e.g.; Hospital, Tank Factory, Siege Factory, House) and Infantry and Armored/Siege units (e.g. Marine, Machine Gunner, Artillery, Howitzer Cannon, Bazooka, Citizens, M1 Abrams) if its attack is improved, thus making it one of the strongest aircraft in the game. Despite its stealthy technology in real life, its vulnerable to Anti Aircraft guns and Stinger Soldiers.


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