Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy

The Assyrian Empire is one of the original civilizations in Empire Earth. They are one of the early civilizations, aimed at gameplay towards the Dark Age. In Art of Conquest, the have the ability of Slavery. For every few enemy citizens that you kill, one of them appears by your capitol. This works through all epochs.


Game description Edit

Assyria, situated between several powerful civilizations, contended for mastery of western Asia for many centuries. These circumstances necessitated Assyria’s development of a strong military. In the 2nd Millennium BC, the Assyrians were subjects of Babylonia and then the Mitanni Kingdom. With help from the Hittites, the Assyrians attained independence from the Mitanni in 14th Century BC, thus beginning what is now called the Middle Assyrian Period. This period of power lasted until about 1200 BC, when Babylonia again asserted its dominance.

Assyria emerged again as a great power in the 10th Century BC. Strong kings led Assyria’s formidable army to victories over the Babylonians, Aramaeans, and other peoples. The army was well trained and equipped – one of the first to be outfitted with iron weapons – and professional officers commanded the troops. Assyria’s greatest strength was her cavalry, which far outclassed the meager cavalries of other civilizations of the time. By the 7th Century BC, at the height of their power, the Assyrians controlled lands from Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

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