Unit Information
Epoch: 10-12
Trained at: Siege Factory
Attack type: Gun
HP: 225
Attack: 175
Armor: 0
Speed: 10
Range: 12
Cost: 200 Wood, 200 Iron
Pop count: 2
Build time: 60 seconds
Upgrades from: Bombard
Upgrades to: Colossus Artillery

The artillery is a heavy Empire Earth unit also found in Empire Earth: the Art of Conquest. It is available in epochs 10-12 or also World War I to Modern Age. In Empire Earth II it is called Self Propelled Artillery. It is the upgrade of the Bombard, a bronze military cannon. The Artillery is just a slightly improved version of the bombard, as it is stronger and does more damage. The Artillery is very vulnearable, with only 255 hit points but it can shoot shells over walls and over cliffs, hills, etc. It is a good unit but after all it has many disadvantages. Its rate of fire is slow, with about one shell a minute and it cannot hit moving targets. It is much like the Heavy Mortar and Trench Mortar.


The Artillery's weaknesses are any ground units (that attack) that move fast, and airplanes that are meant to attack ground.


Because of its large attack, it is very good at destroying building if you have many of them. Also, they can damage any units on the ground that aren't moving.

Their massive area of effect, coupled with huge range (up to 18 with civ bonuses) makes them excellent at keeping ground units at bay.

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