Arquebus is a unit in Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest. The Arquebusier is a unit from the Renaissance (Age VI, after Middle age), and is the first Ranged infantry to wield a Gun weapon, which has a medium range (being 5), with a slow rate of fire (Around 3,5 seconds per shot). Despite that, the Arquebusier is an excellent counter to Gun Cavalry, Citizens and Other Infantry. The unit wields a big and early Arquebus, wears a leather vest with brown leather boots and a helm, similar to Spanish Conquistadores helms.


A group of arquebuses marching near a forest

Keep your Arquebusier away from Sword cavalry, as they have a strong bullet resistance, and can kill your Gunmen in 3 to 5 hits (depending in the life of your arquebusier, and the damage the Sword Cavalry does), a good way to prevent this to happen, is to have your gunmen in company with Gun Cavalry, which counters melee cavalry with ease.

The Arquebus excels at fighting other infantry as well as Gun Cavalry. It is upgraded into a Musketeer in the Imperial Age.

The arquebus' main counters are Anti-Infantry Siege units and Melee Cavalry

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