Description Edit

Aristotle appearance is the same as any other Prophet of the Bronze Age. As a prophet, he is able to cause calamities such as Malaria, Firestorms, Earthquakes and Volcanoes. However, he is unable to conjure up a Hurricane.

Young Alexander Edit

Aristotle doing some research on Mytilene when King Phillip summoned him to be his son Alexander's tutor. He helped Alexander study his father's Phalanx tactics and then round up Macedon's fine horses. After King Phillip's assassination and Alexander began his training to be king, Aristotle discovered how to train Bronze Cavalry and how to make himself a Prophet. He also counseled Alexander during his war with neighboring Greek cities.

Historical account Edit

Aristotle was a great philosopher and mathematician. Taught by the great Plato, he was called the "Father of Western Philosophy". At the request of King Phillip II of Macedon, he tutored the young Alexander beginning at 343 BC.

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