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Ancient Greece is one of the civilizations playable in Empire Earth. They are a civilization aimed towards the Prehistoric and Dark ages. In Art of Conquest they gain the ability of Flaming Arrows, which causes an effect similar to Firestorm but caused by Archers, not Prophets. They are also the main focus of the Greek Campaign.


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Like many long-lived civilisations, the Greeks went through many historical periods. Different peoples controlled the region known as ancient Greece at different times, and each contributed pieces to what is today considered collectively as the legacy of the Greeks.

Early Greeks, known as the Mycenaeans after the ancient city of Mycenae, conducted what is perhaps the most famous siege of ancient times: The Trojan War. Once thought to be just a myth, archeological evidence indicates that the Trojan War actually took place around 1250 BC. The siege of the city of Troy is said to have taken 10 years, and legend maintains that it finally came to an end through the use of the Trojan Horse. Greek soldiers hid inside the large, wooden beast, which was left at the gates of Troy apparently as a gift. When the Trojans brought it inside their walls, the soldiers jumped out and opened the gates for their comrades.

The largest of the Greek-based empires arose under the Macedonian hegemony of the 4th Century BC. Alexander the Great subdued the rebellious Greek city-states and then went on to conquer Persia, Egypt, and lands as far west as India. Remarkably, he accomplished his feat in a span of just 14 years, from 336 to 323 BC. Though Alexander’s empire splintered after his death, the Greek legacy stands as the cornerstone of Western civilisation.

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The Greeks also appear in Empire Earth II, although just referred to as Greeks, due to the game's difference in the way it handles time periods.

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