DR alexi
Alexej Septimus is a Strategist Hero appearing in the Russian Campaign in Empire Earth. He is also a scientist, who is specialised in Cyber Technology.

Biography Edit

Born in Russia in 1982, Alexi Septimus grew up to become arguably the greatest researcher ever in artificial intelligence and robotics. He earned his doctorate in Germany, though the review board redily admitted that some of Alexi's work was beyond their understanding. Afterwards he vanished into the research laboratories of Western Europe, pursuing his dreams of creating machine intelligence.

Meanwhile, upheaval in the country of his birth began to inflame old rivalries. It was while working in Warsaw that Dr. Septimus had his travelling privileges revoked - the West did not want to risk losing the brilliant scientist. Dr. Septimus continued to work in his research lab for several more months, under virtual house arrest. Then one morning, he simply didn't show up at the lab. A security guard was eventually arrested for accepting a bribe, but the whereabouts of the Doctor were never discovered. Rumour has it that he returned to help his homeland in its time of need.

Events of Empire Earth Edit

Alexi first appears in the Scenario Novaya Russia as a scientist working in Eastern Europe. Having had his weapon labor in Poland closed, he defected to Novaya Russia, where he built cyber robots for the Russian Army and was responsible for the creation of Grigor II. He assisted Grigor Stoyanovich and Novaya Russia to take all Europe, and most of Middle East and North Africa.

In Novaya Russia, he continued his research into Artificial Intelligence, eventually developing machine sentience which he implemented into various cybers in Russia. However, his greatest achievement still is the creation (and later sentience) of Grigor II, Grigor Stoyanovich's personal bodyguard and eventual successor.

He is also seen in Moscow during Changing of The Guard. He was old and near death, but he gave a new pacemaker to Grigor, so he was still able to live in comfort in his last days.

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