Alexander is a unit unto himself. He rides a white horse and wears a royal war garb. He bears a long spear in his right hand and a flag of his country in his left. As a strategist hero, Alexander sooner heals than fights, but his sound advice bears the mark of Aristotle and it would be well to listen to him during his scenarios. As the king of Macedon, his color code is cyan

Campaign Edit

Young Alexander Edit

During the rumors of rebellion that washed around the borders of Macedon, King Phillip II sent for Aristotle to be the tutor of his son Alexander. Aristotle travelled to Macedon from Mytilene and was greeted at the Dock by him. They then studied a brief skirmish between his father and rebel troops. After the battle Alexander wanted to discuss with his father about his war tactics, but was ignored. Aristotle then had Alexander help him with gathering Macedon's fine horses to the local Stable. On their way there King Phillip was assassinated, and Alexander helped to kill the assassins. He mourned his father and the fact that he would never see him again. Directly after Alexander was then take into the Capitol to complete his training as king, while Aristotle managed to build up the Companion Cavalry as an asset to his new king.

Meanwhile the cities of Thebes and Athens, thinking that both King Philip II and his son were dead, began preparing for war upon Macedon. Assembling his army with his new cavalry, Alexander set out to crush the armies of the rebelling cities. During his first victory, over the Thebans, he regretfully noted that he would not be able to share his victory with his father. After Athens was also dealt with, Sparta also set out against Macedon. Retreating back to the city, Alexander strategically set his troops against the mighty Spartans and successfully repelled their invasion.

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