Aircraft unit is a unit designed for aerial warfare. They are consist of Fighter, Fighter/Bomber, Normal Bomber, Atomic Bomber, At Helicopter, Helicopter gunship, Sea King, Helicopter transport, and later flying Cyber such as Ares, Ares II, and Apollo. Each aircraft has it strength and weakness. Fighter excel at destroy other air unit, but can't attack ground or sea units. Fighter/Bomber is an intermediate between Fighter and Bomber aircraft, capable of attack air, ground, and sea unit but as not excel as Fighter or Bomber. Bomber designed to engage ground or sea unit by dropping the bomb but can't attack air unit. Bomber divided into two: Normal bomber drop 5 bomb and possess lower performance such as attack, fuel time, and area of effect being lower compared to Atomic Bomber, but they have higher hitpoints and cost less. On the other hand, Atomic Bomber drop 1 bomb. They have higher performance such as massive damage, larger area of effect, and longer fuel time compared to normal bombers. But they are vulnerable since they have lower hitpoints and much higher cost. Helicopter, unlike Fighter, Fighter/Bomber, and Bombers, do not have return to airport to refuel. They are designed to counter submarines, tank, and infantry. Sea King are excellent anti submarine unit. At Helicopter can make short work of Tanks. Helicopter gunship are suited for stop infantry. Helicopter transport can transport any land units(Infantry, Citizen, Tank. At Guns, Anti Air,Siege weapons) but only carry ten unit. Ares and Ares II, a flying cyber, can self heal, flying non refueling and can attack helicopter but can't attack Bomber and vulnerable against Fighter plane. Apollo can't attack but can heal other Cybers.

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