King Agamenmon is a character of the third scenario of the Greek Campaign of Empire Earth. Trojan War the King of Argos(color-coded blue) and the starting player. At the beginning of the scenario he begins with four elite guards, one Prophet, eight Citizens, two Battleships and one Transport - Copper ship.

Determined to destroy Troy for its insolence, Agamenmon sought out counsel from his prophet to determine the best course of action. He could not be troubled with the killing of the sacrificial goat, and ordered one of his nobles to do it instead. With the goat dead, the prophet read out the signs in its entrails. Agamenmon was advised to seek out the help of his brother King Menelaus, Achilles of Achaea and Odysseus of Ithaca in his mission to destroy Troy. Each King would ask a boon of Agamenmon, which he was to grant, for without them he was doomed to fail. They would in turn provide ships and men.

After he had done so, he and the other rulers set out for and amassed on Troy's beach. After most of the Trojan army was vanquished and the attack on the gate began, Odysseus cried out against the folly of it and Agamenmon rallied the other kings back to the beach. Acting on Odysseus's counsel, Agamenmon erected a Temple near Athena's grotto for which she awarded him with the Trojan Horse. He and the other kings hid themselves within it and waited at Troy's gates. Feeling proud of themselves the Trojans brought the horse within. At night, at Agamenmon's signal, the Greeks exited the horse, killed King Priam and destroyed Troy's castle. Agamenmon declared victory over the Trojans.

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