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The Advancement and Improvement scenario is the second part of the Learning Campaign which introduces the player to new technologies, Civilization Points and the Civilization Builder in Empire Earth.

Tutorial 2: Advancement and ImprovementEdit

Advance to a new Epoch and learn about researching new technology. You will also fight off some wild animals and learn about Civilization Points and Civilization Builder.

The Island City of Tyre: 2000-1100 BC

(Epoch Advancement/Technologies/Civilization Points)

Your Phoenician people have moved onto the Island just west of their first city. In their new home, called New Tyre, they are struggling to advance beyond their primitive beginnings.

In this scenario, you will lead the Phoenicians into a new Epoch, the Stone Age. In the Stone Age, you can research new technology for your civilization. You will also fight off some wild animals and learn about Civilization Points and the Civilization Builder.


  • Collect Food in preparation for advancing to the Stone Age.
  • Bring your Citizens north-east to find more Forage Patches.
  • Build a Settlement near the Forage Patches.
  • Kill all the Tigers that menace your people.
  • Advance to the Stone Age.
  • Kill all the Tigers that menace your people.


In this scenario, the Tigers are the only enemy and can be easily defeated by a couple of Citizens. You will encounter them in the new Forage Patches in the north-east direction, thus bring more Citizens along to the new patches to kill the Tigers. Three tigers will appear, do not fight them with one Citizen, the Tigers would mostly likely kill that Citizen. Tigers will reappear at the end of the scenario too, thus keep a couple of citizens at the patches to fend them off.

When tigers attack, make sure you move the citizens away from the pumpin patches, trees or stone mines before attacking, else you will accidentally right click on resource patches too often and the animals will deal unnecessary damage.

Other than Tigers, just collect 850 Food to epoch up. When you defeat the Tigers for the second time, the scenario will be completed.

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