This is a list of people who currently hold positions of power in this wiki.


Bureaucrats have all the abilities of admins, plus the ability to appoint more admins and bureaucrats. They generally have the final say in arguments, though Fandom Staff may intervene if one is found to be abusive.

Bureaucrats can choose the color of their username and have a Capitol icon in chat.

ZioreRogue 001 Bureaucrat

Since: November 3rd, 2019


ZioreRogue is the wiki's second bureaucrat. She successfully adopted this wiki on January 21st, 2020.


Administrators, or "admins" for short, are trusted users that have access to special functions on the wiki. These functions include, among many others: blocking disruptive users, deleting pages, and protecting pages from edits.

Admins can choose the color of their username and have a Capitol icon in chat.

There is a need for another admin to help out on this wiki. If you contribute to the wiki a lot, respect and uphold the Rules and I trust you, you might become an admin :)


Bots are accounts run by other users for automated and semi-automated editing.

RoqueBot 001 Administrator

Since: January 29th, 2020.


RoqueBot is a bot account used by ZioreRogue, this wiki's current bureaucrat.

List of Available Positions of PowerEdit

  • Chat Moderators
  • Rollbacks
  • Discussion Moderators

None currently. If you contribute to the wiki, respect and uphold the Rules and are helpful to other users, you might attain one of these positions of power. :)

Former LeadersEdit

Former Leaders of Empire Earth Wiki who have quietly retired from their positions of power. Their services are forever appreciated and they are free to return when they wish to.

Njk230 001 Bureaucrat

Since: February 27, 2013


Singapore (GMT+8)

Njk230 was the first bureaucrat of this wiki. Even though he wasn't the founder of this Wiki, he was the first user who became a bureaucrat by adopting the wiki when the founder left. His favorite Empire Earth game would be Empire Earth 2. He helped build the wiki from scratch by adding features and a theme for the wiki. He is also known revive the community here after the founder abandoned the wiki. He was often found in chat, ready to discuss about the game or the wiki. Overall, he had huge plans to improve this wiki and liked to know more contributors.

P51mustang 001 Administrator

Since: February 28, 2013


Canada (GMT-8)

P51mustang is the second person to find this wiki. He helped expand it until Njk230 adopted it and then became an Admin.

ZoneCaptain 001 Administrator

Since: March 21, 2013


Ha Noi (GMT+7)

ZoneCaptain- Former Third officer of this wiki.

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